From Ibiza with Love

Proud to present our brand new website - and company! We are very excited and look forward to this new year, in which we aim to provide perfectly fitted tailor made programmes for any kind of corporate group that is planning to visit Ibiza. We will be honoured to welcome your groups here and show our beautiful island which is blessed with 300 days of sun, a crystal clear ocean, beautiful bays, green nature and with lovely little white villages.

Even before the hippies arrived in the 60's Ibiza was a popular destination with bohemian writers and painters. The island is said to have a very special energy and -whether this is true or not- attracts "the creative and spiritual". With the arrival of the free spirited hippies it attracted even more famous artists and also musicians. Mind blowing concerts were given, Pink Floyd recorded an album, Salvador Dali spent his holidays and Orson Wells recorded one of his movies on the island. This bohemian-hippie life style you can still feel everywhere. In the ‘80s however another kind of music was kicking off and even wilder parties were given. The best DJs came to perform on Ibiza and still the most famous DJs play here all summer long, each with his or her own clubnight every week. During summer Ibiza is thé clubbing capital of the world, visited by 'the rich & famous'. Paris Hilton -with her own weekly DJ performance-, Jade Jagger, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beyoncé, Ronaldo Bloom (getting into a fight with) Leonardo di Caprio, Justin Bieber are just a few names that frequently visit the island. So don’t be surprised if they walk by when you’re sipping your Gin Tonic in one of the trendy beach clubs..!

Let us have you feel the "Ibiza vibe" - your unique Ibiza experience!

With love from Ibiza,
Christel & Madeleine